1Haunted Hayride: Never Sleep Again!!!

This year's hayride will take you through the darkest areas of Popes. Along the road you will revisit some of the classic horror scenes from "Nightmare on Elm St." to "SCREAM" and many more... But beware of the creatures that lurk in the darkness, between the scenes. Some of you may not make it back but for the ones that do, you will never sleep again.

2Haunted Barn: Don't Breathe!!!

They are loose in the barn and its up to you to get to the end before they get you. They can hear you breathe... they are in the walls, above you and below you, and one thing that's for sure, they gonna get you, so, Don't Breathe!!!

3Haunted Forest: The Dark Rabbit Hole!!!

As you begin your journey down the long dark rabbit hole, beware of "Peter Rottentail" he is there to spoil your night. If you make it through his sinister friends will be waiting for you along the Dark Rabbit Hole!!!